Maximising Public Sector Assets

“Right Care, Right Here” is a Health Sector led partnership that includes all the health trusts operating in Sandwell and West Birmingham in the West Midlands plus the two Local Authorities. One of the objectives of the partnership is to have an impact on broader social issues that effect health, such housing and employment, but are not normally seen as the responsibility of the health service.

To progress this objective the partnership has set up a working group with officers from each of the participating agencies tasked with setting up inter-agency initiatives. These now include: –

  1. The Learning Works: In order to increase the number of young people and local people employed in the health sector Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Hospital Trust, in partnership with Sandwell MBC, has opened the Learning Works. This is a community based training facility aimed at making it easier for local people to access employment opportunities at the hospital. The Learning Works has been so successful it recently won the prestigious Health Service Journal award for “Workforce Development”.
  2. Local Procurement: The Hospital Trust has agreed to participate in a LM3 study by CLES into the Trust’s current procurement practice. As a direct result of the findings of this study the Trust is now in the process of approving a local procurement strategy that will include a commitment to increase by 10% the proportion of type B goods and services purchased locally.
  3.  The Virtual Hospital: The funding to build a new hospital on the border between Sandwell and West Birmingham was agreed in July 2014. In preparation for this regeneration opportunity Sandwell MBC has developed a “virtual hospital” consisting entirely of the relevant goods and services available from local businesses – as a way of promoting the local offer to which ever developer wins the overall new hospital contract.

Key features of this approach

  • Partnership between public sector agencies on recognised shared objectives going beyond their immediate (health) remits.
  • The working group is focused on practical action and the development of evidence-based good practice including Local Multiplier analysis.
  • Creative approach to showcasing the range of services and goods available locally.
  • Success has come from releasing the potential of existing resources assets rather than from additional investment.
  • The initial impetus has come from key public sector managers taking an entrepreneurial approach to addressing public sector objectives.

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