What goods and services can you buy more locally?

Can you start to specify for social value within your procurement?

Can you ensure consideration of “whole system costs” in your decision-making?

Can you collaborate with your organisation’s regeneration or economic development staff?

Are your procurement opportunities promoted locally?

Can you do more to reach potential local suppliers?

Could you facilitate the production locally of the required service or product?

Could you change what you procure to something that can be supplied locally, that meets your needs at least as well?

Could you collaborate with other purchasers to create sufficient market to make a new service or product provision viable for a supplier?

Can you ensure your procurement practices and policies allow breaking down into lots and don’t bias against small suppliers etc?

Explore alternatives to the “single large intermediary” approach, such as using a non-profit intermediary or consortium, to ensure maximum funds are spent directly with those supplying.

Can you require the use of procurement portals and similar tools?

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See Manchester Procurement case study